About Air Force Small Business

The Secretary of the Air Force/Small Business (SAF/SB) has overall responsibility for directing, managing, measuring and overseeing the execution of Small Business Programs for the Department of the Air Force. To help ensure the Air Force derives the best possible value from its acquisition activities, the Air Force Office of Small Business Programs works to transform, modernize and promote successful practices with respect to engaging small businesses.

Small Businesses Bring Great Value to the Air Force Everyday

By being responsive to the mission, by being innovative, and by being flexible in ways that cannot be matched by large enterprises, small businesses are critical partners. The Air Force Office of Small Business Programs works to champion solutions for Airmen that cannot be realized through any other means in the marketplace.

We Reach Beyond Government-Mandated Goals

The mission of Air Force Small Business is to create and deliver strategies that bring innovative, agile and efficient small business solutions to the Air Force to fly, fight and win… in air, space and cyberspace. Our vision is to reach beyond government-mandated statistical goals to make small business the solution of choice when meeting the needs of Air Force mission requirements.

To learn more about our organization, its mission, vision, leadership and strategies, please visit the following resources:

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