Better Buying Power 3.0

The links to this page are to documents, memorandum, PowerPoint presentations, videos and other websites that provide broad overview, perspective and guidance on BBP. Materials addressing specific initiatives are listed on the Initiative pages of this website.

  • Better Buying Power 3.0

Small Business Professionals

This section of SAF/SB web site is intended primarily for Federal Small Business Professionals, though it does provide information to all who are interested in regulations, Executive Orders, legislation and other policy directives that impact the small business community.


Federal regulations are the actual enforceable laws authorized by major legislation enacted by Congress.

Executive Orders

Orders given by the President to ensure rules and regulations pertaining to small businesses’ interaction with the federal government are followed. The orders are officially documented and filed for reference.


Statutes enacted by Congress specifically addressing small business interests.

Policy Directives

Policy directives, memorandums of understanding and partnership agreements issued by the Department of Defense and Office of Federal Procurement Policy.

Regional Councils

The Department of Defense Regional Councils for Small Business Education and Advocacy are a nationwide network of Small Business Professionals organized to promote the National Small Business Programs of the United States.


These resources include information on Small Business Set-Aside Programs, marketing to the DoD, the Benefits Analysis Guidebook, Small Business Administration Loan Programs for Military Personnel and information about working with Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs).