If you are a small business and have the products or services the Air Force needs for mission success, we may have a great business opportunity for you. Our small business specialists around the country are working daily with their customers to create strategies that support our Airmen. We invite you to learn more about the opportunities that exist for your small business by utilizing the resources available within this website.

You Can Locate an Air Force Small Business Specialist

The Locate a Small Business Specialist tool allows you to find contact information for small business specialists and contracting officers at Air Force Bases nationwide.

Please use our online locator tool to locate a small business specialist in your area

Our Goal is to Make it Easy for You to do Business with the Air Force

Please do explore this website for the resources you need to make contact and connect with the Air Force for business opportunities. In addition to features such as the Locate a Small Business Specialist tool, we offer your business the capability to connect with the Air Force through these tools:

  • Event Participation Request – you can request a Small Business specialist to participate in your event.

Learn about MAJCOMS and What they Buy

Most of the Air Force’s buying activities make purchases in support of their individual base requirements and are considered local buys. The Air Force Major Commands (MAJCOMs) have contractual responsibilities depending upon their mission requirements.

  • MAJCOMs – view a list of our MAJCOMs to learn more about them and what they buy based on NAICS codes.

Small Businesses Help the Air Force Achieve Mission Success

Federal government regulations require small business participation in the acquisition process for vital reasons. We realize that doing business with small businesses increases the number of innovative suppliers in the industrial base, which increases the government’s access to new solutions and technologies that would not otherwise be available. 

We’re Ready to Help

We’re ready to help you engage the Air Force and show you how our partnership can deliver value not only in the battlefield, but also in the domestic operations that make a critical difference in our operations!