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Locate a Small Business Specialist

Do you need to locate a small business specialist in the Air Force? The Locate a Small Business Specialist tool enables you to reach out to personnel in your geographic region and explore opportunities to interact with Air Force personnel dedicated to your area of expertise.

Search by State, Air Force Base and/or Your Line of Business

You can search for a small business specialist by state as well as by Air Force Base, and you can view business opportunities and contacts specific to your line of business. Using the Locator, you'll find the names and contact information for people who can help you.

Search by Type of Procurement, RFP Dates and Contract Types

Other information such as types of procurements, incumbent contractors, anticipated RFP dates and award dates, and small business competitive contract types (such as 8(a) firms and others) are all available within the Long Range Acquisition Estimate (LRAE) feature on this website.

Names and Contact Information for Buyers are Just One Click Away

Don't hesitate to explore how your business can make a valuable contribution to the Air Force and its mission to fly, fight and win... in air, space and cyberspace.

  • Click the menu below or select a state on the map to view the list of bases in each state
  • Click on bases to expand contact details for that location.
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Small Business Specialist Contact Information

The information below represents a comprehensive list of all U.S. Air Force Small Business contacts for the entire state you have chosen.

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