U.S. Air Force Small Business

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To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our industry outreach, we have implemented a new integrated communications capability using four mediums; phone, email, social media and an enhanced website.


Email Management

This system is an automated email system that will allow us to efficiently and effectively answer questions you may have. Inquiries can be sent to answerdesk@airforcesmallbiz.org.

Phone System

This is an automated phone system that is a single point of contact for Air Force small business phone inquiries. Automated messages can be heard by calling 1-888-225-0448.

Knowledgebase Blog

Our new blog is an enhanced capability that will give you a more comprehensive insight into doing business with the Air Force. Please visit Knowledgebase for more information.

These systems, along with our social media sites listed below, work together to provide consistent messaging of how to do business with the Air Force and the maximum, practicable opportunities to small businesses.

Director's Welcome

The Air Force Office of Small Business Programs is attuned to small business needs. We're organized to use policy, programs, strategy, assistance and operations to ensure the Air Force benefits from all that small business have to offer to meet mission requirements.

Director Mr. Mark Teskey


Locate a Small Business Specialist

You can search for a small business specialist by state as well as by Air Force Base.

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